5 Top Of Line Medium Crystal Clear Dimple Display Stands 4 Marbles 1970 - later

You will receive


These Are Available In Clear.

They Are Also Available In Larger Quantities.

If Interested, Let Me Know

And I Will List Them For You In Either Color

In the Quantity Of Stands You Need.

These stands are Brand New

These stands will not harm your collectible's as the glass, wood and metal stands can.

These Blocks are available in many Different Shapes, Sizes and Thicknesses. All are Manufactured with Beveled Edges and Polished Throughout.

This stand measures:

3/8" High x 1-1/4" Wide x 1-1/4" Deep with 3/4" Dia. Dimple

All Dimple Blocks feature a Rounded Indentation to hold a Sphere, Egg, Globe, Ball or any other Rounded Item that you may desire to Display.

Great for Golf balls, Marbles, Eggs and Spheres Etc.

I have numerous sizes and shapes of stands available that are designed to hold all size collectibles. If you can't find a stand that you think will work email me with dimensions and I will try to guide you in the right direction.

There are many uses for displaying collectible items:

Golf balls Baseballs Tennis balls Eggs Spheres Or whatever else you can think of Sellers use these to photo their items for auction Dealers, save space and display your items
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