Top Secret Trader Sams +RECIPE Book (Unofficial) Menu UhOa Zombie Grog LIMITED

This is a REALLY cool Trader Sam's Menu/Recipe book. A very small number of these were made and offered to a few fellow Tiki-ers online. It was a small personal project shared with a few lucky mates. It basically looks like a big (8x11") 20 page version of the Trader Sams Menu (I think the real bar one is roughly 6x9) BUT... it includes all of the recipes (as best as could be compiled). The pages are THICK photo quality pages and the book opens up flat (like a nice photo album). It even has the Christmas drinks, "This Chilling Challenge" (the original Hitchhiking Ghost mug drink from 2016), Gorilla Grog, Zombie Batch and Kungaloosh! I've tried just about all of the recipes and they are pretty close (if not exact) to Trader Sams. Oh yeah, and it has the newer drinks too (Zambezi Sour, La Florida, Etc).

I love that it looks like a Trader Sams menu... but with the photos added.

First pic shows a Trader Sams menu on top of the book thats for sale for a size comparison.

NOTE: The authentic Trader Sams Restaurant menu book is NOT included (only there for size reference).