Topcon Super D in Excellent Condition - Rare in the UK


This is a hard to find Beseler Topcon Super D in excellent condtion complete with an RE Auto-Topcor 55mm f 1.8 lens which is bright, clear and fungus free. The lens and viewfinder have the usual specks of dust normally present in optics of this age. The camera appears to be fully functional but it has not been tested recently with film nor have the shutter speeds been checked for accuracy. One of the shutter blinds is slightly uneven as can be seen in one of the photos. A battery is included.

The camera was launched by Tokyo Kogaku in 1963 and manufactured until 1971. It is a professional oriented 35mm SLR camera with a removable pentaprism finder and focusing screen. It features the Exakta bayonet lens mount for interchangeable lenses. A special mount for an accessory shoe (not included) is situated at the base of the rewind knob with a standard PC sync. contact next to it. Some common features of 35mm SLR photography were first seen on this camera. Among these is the through-the-lens exposure metering. This enabled improved exposure accuracy, especially in close-up macro photography using bellows or extension rings, and in telephotography with long lenses. In addition to this feature,the metering is at full aperture. For this purpose the RE -lenses have an aperture

This model was extensivly used by the US Navy for some years which says something about the quality of the camera.

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