Topographic Map of Lake Wawasee-Syracuse Lake Print

Topographic Map of Lake Wawasee-Syracuse Lake Print Shipping is based on 1lb., Priority which includes delivery confirmation.

is a Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake map showing depth, contours and surrounding conditions - Kosciusco County, IN. The map meaures 16 in. x 37 1/2in. This print of a map is printed on medium weight white paper and black ink. It is a copy of a map surveyed by W.M. Tucker, Assoc., Professor of Geology, Indiana University, 1924 with student asst. Arthur F. Striker

Specifics listed are area, volume surface elevation, maxium depth for Lake Wawasee, and Syracuse Lake. It also includes a code for swamp, vegetation, woods, cottages, and bench mark. Scale is 5/8in. for 500 ft. T are some wrinkles along the bottom edge. I'm going to iron the edge to flatten it out. Also, t's a small light, brown mark on the bottom left-hand edge.

All-in-all, a lake map in very nice condition. If you have a request or need additional information, please email.

If requested thru an email, we'll accept other payment on approval. I have a variety of items up for auction this week. Take a look at my listings. You never know what you might find. Thanks

NOTE: I missed including a photo of a close-up of the legend. Just email, and I'll send it out to you. Payment is due in 7 days. If you have a request

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