TOPPIE LUNCHBOX with TAG nice nice nice C8 or C9

If you are viewing this item, you should already know what it is! The sheer RARITY of this item blows me away everytime I think about it. T are not even any in the Lunchbox Museums. Imagine how scarce they must be. I've searched long and hard for years to obtain as many as humanly possible. And I have paid TOP DOLLAR in doing so. I've obtained a total of 3 different boxes. Ebay has only had those 3 different Toppie lunchboxes up for sale in the past two or three years. I purchased all of them. I have since listed and re-listed 2 of them due to non-paying bidders. So if you've seen "multiple" Toppie boxes listed in the past 2-3 years... they were actually the same one or two being sold (mine), bought back, and/or re-sold again. I recently posted a listing on eBay requesting ANY information as to the wabouts of more Toppie lunch boxes or thermos sets. I was able to verify (through "he said, she said") only 7-8 other boxes like this one in existence! Two of which are mine! With that being said... I still own those two! This is the last one that I will EVER sell! If a person had $20,000 cash and wanted to obtain 5-6 of these... you simply CAN NOT! They were only available for one season during the period of 1956-1957 in the Dayton, Ohio, area. And the only way to obtain one then was if your parents gave you their hard earned Top Value ... read more