GO TOPPIE Metal Lunchbox #1 Most Collectible 1957 Krogers EC Top Value

GO TOPPIE Metal Lunchbox #1 Most Collectible 1957 HOLY GRAIL of lunchboxes. Excellent Condition (see pics).
Fantastic estate find. This was obviously the original owner as her name is written on the sticker.
Excerpt from "10 Greatest Lunch Boxes" in which Go Toppie is #1:

"Go Toppie - In the 1950's the store by the name of Krogers would give away what was called Top Stamps to it's customers. These customers could then go back in and redeem the stamps for special merchandise. Some of the items that they can redeem the stamps for were household items which included the Toppie Lunch Box.

However, it seems as if very few people redeemed their stamps for a Toppie Lunch Box because decades later very few Toppie Lunch boxes have surfaced. Some collectors estimate that about 12 total Toppie Lunch Boxes exist. The Toppie Thermos also seems to be very rare, even rarer than the Lunch Box itself. Some thermoses sell in the same price range as some of the Toppie Lunch Boxes."

NOTE: We have also listed the GO TOPPIE Thermos that is complete and also in excellent condition. Don't miss the opportunity to own these fantastic collectibles.

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