Topps Bunt - DIAMOND Joey Votto 1/1

Y ou are bidding on a Diamond VIP Joey Votto Topps Bunt card!

RARITY: This card is numbered to 1! The card count will always stay at 1! This is an extremely rare card. The only way to acquire a diamond card in Topps Bunt is to spend thousands of dollars just in one month on in-app purchases or you could spend $175 on this!

PRICING: The price on this card is NOT firm! I am willing to work out a deal. So offer with confidence!

REMINDER: You must have the Topps Bunt 2016 app to bid/buy this card! Please leave your Topps Bunt fan name in your PayPal payment.

Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions.

Thank You!