This is a set of the rare 1991 Topps Desert Storm Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 sets complete with all 264 cards and 44 stickers. This would make a valuable keepsake for a veteran from either the Gulf War of 1991 or of 2003/2004. BV in Card Magazines is $50. I have many sets, so if you need more, just contact me. **** If you would like to substitute a "Brown" Series 1 set instead of the "Yellow" Series 1 set in this auction, just add $7.00 to the eBay Invoice under Seller Charges/Discounts. ****

Individual Cards:

The Commander In Chief General Colin Powell Secretary of Defense General H. Norman Schwarzkopf General Richard G. Graves Admiral Frank Kelso Chief of Staff General Charles Gabriel Stallion Helicopter CH-53 Helicopter SH-60B Helicopter AH-64 Apache CH-47 Chinook UH-1 Huey Navy Bell CH-53 Super Stallion Helicopter Formation Cobra 'Copter Canadian Air Force CF-18 French Mirage Fighter Britain's Tornado State of the Art Stealth Fighter Bomber F-117A Stealth F-14 Flies in Formation Phoenix Missiles on F-14 Pilots Eye View B-52 Stratofortress Ready for Takeoff Flying High - The F-18 Taking off in an F-18 An F-18 waits to Fly Wild Blue Yonder Wings over Egypt The Amazing AV-8B Harrier The Sentry - An E3A A-10s in Formation EA-6B Prowler F-111 Bomber F-15 Fighter Plane M-2 Bradley Tank Manning the M-110 Tanks
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