Tornister Backpack Pony Fur WW1 WW2 Switzerland Swiss

Pony Fur Tornister Backpack

This is a backpack that I understand was carried by the Swiss armed forces. It is in excellent condition, almost unused. The pony fur is wrapped all around the entire case. The interior is canvas. The flaps inside also are covered with fur. T are markings from the maker on the leather. The only wear is on the corners and some stain on the inside. This is a very cool relic from the past.

In response to a question is some additional information:T is no SZ on the item that I can find. The makers's name is J Rubin with the number 41 stamped after it on one of the straps. At the top of the bag it says Chaubert Sellier Couvet and the number 50. On the strap that closes the top t is a rectangle containing a Swiss cross and the letter R. I hope this information is helpful.

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