Toshiba Vintage Stereo Receiver SA-775 Huge Sexy Beastie Monster Unit

You have been in search of a Beast Unit to show off to your friends. You've considered the Pioneer, the Marantz, the Sansui etc. but here is one that has stayed under the radar until now. Pushing a whopping 75 Watts of pure monster power, this unit will run with the best of them. This is a Man's man machine. Sporting four meters with two that 'bounce' with the music, this unit has all the bells and whistle. Push the lower portion of the "hideaway door" and it drops slowly into the open position where inside you will find all the adjustments needed to tailor your preferred sound.
Cosmetically this unit is beautiful with only a couple of flaws which I have shown in the images. One flaw is the wood veneer on the front panel. A small piece is missing but this can be replaced easily. There is also some light scratches here or there but nothing glaring nor significant. The unit looks very good for a 30 year old piece.
Mechanically sound!!! All lights seem to function however I did not test every light as I am not a technician. The sound is Crisp, Clean, Warm and Significant! I did a side by side comparison with a Pioneer SX-1050 and in our opinion the Toshiba's sound was 'larger'. One of the pictures I provided shows the Toshiba on top of the Pioneer SX-1050 so that you can get an idea of the size of this BEAST. It's wider and
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