Totally Wicked Replacement Coil K1 Tank Kit with spare coils GREEN

TotallyWicked DC RCS K1 Tank with Spare Coils
Brand new in box. Low Resistance 1.4ohm to 1.5ohms Twin long wick coils Pillar mounted RCS Plumes of Vapour
These tankatomizers are designed and built with 2 parallel heating coils cleverly designed into the atomizer head. These atomizers are able to provide massive amounts of vapour from a normal 3.7v Tornado battery. Using a normal Tornado battery these will deliver in excess of 9 Watts of power. Connect a K1 to a variable voltage device and you will have more vapour than you will know what to do with! 
With TWO top-mounted heating coils, housed in an attractive large capacity tank, this device operates with a resistance of 1.4ohm to 1.5ohm. The result, a mountainous kick and joyous plumes of vapour. 
Includes 2 x spare coils