Totem pole from the 49th State

For Bid is a Totem Pole purchased here in Ketchikan
The totem is a "Big Chief "on top and Bear on the bottom When a Chief threw a pot latch in the Pacific Northwest he would show his wealth by giving away most everything he had to his guests such as "Button Blankets and Silver bracelets and Bent wood boxes. His guests would then be indebted to him. A man of great wealth and means, would be able to throw many pot latches Each pot latch he threw He would be entitled to add a ring around the top of his hat. This chief has three rings around it thus showing a chief who was wealthy indeed who had three pot latches to his credit. This looks to be hand carved but it is not signed so it may very well be just a souvenir the same as you would buy in a tourist shop here in Ketchikan. But it looks very impressive none-the-less This will be a 3 day bid with a starting price of 39.99 Sorry I can only find my metric tape measure. It's 23.5 centimeters tall and 4.5 cm's wide. The base is just over 8.5 cms wide by just under 8.5 inches deep. Unsure what wood this is made out of but it looks to be hand carved and hand painted. USA bidders only. Free shipping to anywhere in the United States, Two week hassle free return.