TOUJOURS MOI Magical Musk Unicorn Perfume & Pomander

Adorable Unicorn Rocking Horse!

Offered is a set of " Toujours Moi " fragrance by Max Factor . It consists of one spray bottle of cologne with a white unicorn plastic overcap. Size is 4-1/2 inches tall; full of original fragrance. T is a paper label on the base, plus the words "Made in France" impressed in the glass.

In addition - and the crème de la crème of this set - is a precious little realistic shiny white ceramic unicorn on rockers. It has holes in the sides and an opening in the bottom to fill with fragrance pomander beads. In fact, these are still inside but the fragrance is very weak at this point in time. It has a gold cord so it could be used as a Christmas ornament, and even still has the original plastic protection for its horn to avoid breakage in shipping. Size is 3-1/2 inches tall, and 3-1/2 inches side to side.

Both items are in a lovely fitted blue box, which shows some wear. This item is probably from the 1960s after Max Factor purchased the Corday company and obtained its fragrance names.

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