TOURMALINE green crystal Itinga MG Brazil trigonal

Natureskind Minerals 's a little info on what you are bidding on...
This auction features a green tourmaline crystal with attached lepidocrosite. The termiantion is kinda rough but you can see w the faces are formed.
Location : Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Measures : 1.9 cm x 1.1cm x 0.6cm
Weighs : 2.4 grams **Bidding Information** Hey! - It's your responsibility to know what you are buying. The size and weight are listed in every auction. The pictures show exactly what the specimen looks like. Yes it is magnified, but wouldnt you rather see what your buying then take a chance buying something you can't see properly? Enjoy the blingin pics and bid with confidence. **Payment Policy**

You have 30 days to send payment. If that time passes with no payment I will re-list the item and leave negative feedback. Now i'm not saying you should take 30 days to pay me, but I understand not everyone gets a paycheck everyday. And to all those who send me PayPal right at auction end..I love you guys. Just email me if you want me to keep an open box for you.

**Shipping in the United States and Canada**

Package will ship thru USPS for $3. This includes delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional, however i WILL NOT be responsible for lost or broken items!

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