Town Mobilizes to Fight as Morgan's Raiders Approach!

Entire Pennsylvania Border with Ohio
Mobilizes as Morgan's Raiders Approach

Fantastic Content as Woman Relates
How Everyone Came Together To Defend Their Homes

DESCRIPTION: ALS 4pp 4to, Hookstown PA, July 30, 1863.

Maggie Moody writes her brother Joseph, who's in the Union Army, about all the excitement as infamous Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's command closed in on town during his raid terrorizing the Ohio River Valley. Fantastic comentary on an especially tumultuous time in the Civil War: At the beginning of the month, Lee had invaded Pennsylvania just 200 miles away at Gettysburg, and now John Hunt Morgan was approaching from the west as he rampaged through Ohio, headed for Pennsylvania.

The letter starts with an alarm that Morgan's Raiders are less than 5 miles away and headed towards Hookstown!

"Brother Joseph
We have had rumors & a good deal of excitement on account of the Rebels being in Ohio & wanting in Pa. Sabbath Day 10 o'clock, the bell began to ring quick & fast like when t is a fire. Mary & I did not go to church. I went to the lower end of the garden. The people were coming from Ormond Church as fast as they could come, some running some walking. The men were starting out of town in every direction, galloping..."

"Hugh (he has
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