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Welcome to Gallery_ASN88 eBay Store!

The item for sale/auction is the item as shown in the picture or as described in the auction title.

If you notice that the photo is different from the description, kindly let me know before buying or placing a bid on the item so a correction or addendum can be made before the auction ends.

The seller is not a professional card grader.

Please view the scanned photo to grade the card for yourself.

Photos & Descriptions

Seller doesn't use STOCK PHOTO for single card auction.

The item/card that the buyer will receive will be the actual item that is on the photo.

If you notice some weird number other than the card number it's usually my own KSU # so I can easily locate the item.

Some of the cards may have been scanned w/ top loaders or penny sleeves.

For card lot listing - please see the actual auction description.

Shipping and handling fee

Regular single card will be in a penny sleeve and will be mailed via economy shipping for $1.49.

First class mail is $2.99. First class shipping comes with tracking through USPS.

S/h economy for some jersey and thick cards is $1.99. First class mail is $3.49.

Combined shipping discount are available on all card purchases.

Please e-mail for quote before
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