Toy Hess Tanker Truck 1990, Never Removed From Box

This toy Hess fire truck has never been removed from its box, even for photographs. I purchased it at the Hess gasoline station in 1990 when they came out around Thanksgiving that year. This one has been sitting in storage for those 22 years, never opened. The tanker truck has 36 working lights -- red, yellow and white headlights, tail lights and running lights. In addition to the familiar light switch that operates all those lights, this totally new tanker has an added three-way switch underneath to activate a horn and a backup alert. The box is perfect in every respect. It is 15 inches long and sold for $9.99. The factory packing should have protected the truck, but if by chance it is damaged in any way, just return it to me and I'll refund your money, including shipping cost. The batteries were issued by the Hess cashier separately and never installed in the truck, so batteries are not included. See seller's other auctions for more Hess trucks never removed from box.