TPF M80 SuperSpeed NON-CONFORMING .900+ COR Driver

TPF M80 SuperSpeed Hydra NON-CONFORMING .900+ COR D river

(Longest Driver ever made!!!)

This is the most illegally non-conforming driver that was ever produced. (This is not for the faint of heart!)

1) This 2010 model M80 SuperSpeed Hydra , is the hottest face ever made at .900+ COR. (Only this M80 and the Wishon .90L have ever had a .900+ COR)

2) The face has been “cryogenically” treated to make it even stronger and hotter. (To learn more, Google cryogenics for golf clubs)

3) It has a wonderful sound and feel at impact that gives you a great sense of power!

4) It has a Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 shaft which is known for its tremendous kick!!! (45.5” overall length)

This shaft costs $300.00 if you buy it new at retail. Came out of a high end Titleist driver. (It is a high launch shaft with low spin for run out.)

5) This head has the best aerodynamics going. (Notice in the pictures the “trench” on the top edge and the bottom edge.) On the launch monitor, the M80 Hydra gave me 3 mph higher swing speed than the aerodynamic Adams Speedline Fast 10 and the Cleveland DST. It gave me 5 mph more swing speed than the new Callaway FT-IZ. The higher swing speed alone gives you more distance. But add in the .900+ COR hot face and the Matrix shaft, and you can’t beat this driver
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