Trace Elliot 1008 GP11 pre-amp 8x10" Bass Amp

I'm reluctantly selling my beast Trace Elliot GP11 8x10" bass amp. Trace Elliot was known for it's reliability, tone, power and volume especially this rare 80s GP11 pre-amp. Google the make and model, you'll soon see how desirable it is.
Unfortunately due to a few house moves and not being in a band anymore, I just don't have the space for it.
Stacked: 144x60x46 (CM)
Head & top cab: 79x60x46
Bottom cab: 65x60x46
Inputs X1 passive
Output impedance 4 ohms
Eq 12 band graphic from 40 hz to 15k hz
Wattage apparently is rated at 250 / 300 watt .
This item was originally an 8x10" combo built for gigging. It was converted prior to my purchase to the 2 separate cabs that you see in the photos (so it can be actually lifted!)
It's in perfect working order, I've never had a single problem with it; sound is amazing and the UV light still works (unfortunately I couldn't show in photos but you can see on collection).
The wooden exterior has general wear and tear but again has been built for durability. A lick of black matt paint would solve any issues with aesthetics.
This item has been thoroughly looked after and the sound cannot be beaten. It was bought previously from a chap who used to play bass live for Gary Moore. It has performed in big venues with great rock stars. Mark
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