TRACE ELLIOT 4x12 GUITAR SPEAKER CABINET – Gibson Era Cab - Excellent Condition


Cabinet in excellent condition, mainly home use buthas been used in the studio and live with great results. Small scuff to the badge, which could be touched up, but other than that in near perfect condition.

· 4 x Celestion V12-60 Silver Series drivers

· 8 Ohm Impedance

· 240W power handling

· Input and link connections via ¼” Jack

· Closed back cabinet

· Large recessed metal handles on both sides

· Solid Kick-Proof Metal Grille

· Angled design

This uses the same drivers as many marshall and mesa boogie’s but I personally prefer the sound of this cabinet and believe the construction is far superior.

This was manufactured during the 3 year period that Gibson owned Trace Elliot. Very solid construction with decent Tolex, metal corners, thick rubber feet and tough metal grille. These Gibson era cabinets are very high quality and fairly rare. Only the best wood was used, proper dovetail construction, and this level of quality was one of the reasons Gibson lost interest in making amps. Gibson didn’t make any money out of Trace Elliot as they were over engineering everything! Peavey now own Trace Elliot and no longer make this cabinet.

Currently the unit is wired in Series-Parallel as it would
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