Trace Elliot GP11/115/210 Stack

Trace Elliot GP11 amp head
Trace Elliot 115 cab
Trace Elliot 210 cab
This system has been well used over the past 15 years. It will need attention on all three items. The amp could do with a dam good clean out and maybe a couple of tweaks here and there. The 15" cab is great but one of the inputs at the back is missing. The 210 has one of the speakers missing as it blew and I never replaced it. The whole rig would be great as a project or for spares although I have used the head and cab recently on a gig.
This is not a plug and go system as it will need repair or attention although I'm not selling it as 'for spares'
I think it's reasonably priced and collection would be from Weston Super Mare.
GP11 - 150W output power
7 band graphic equaliser with bypass switch
switchable pre-shaped sound
balanced XLR DI output (switchable pre or post eq)
jack or XLR instrument input and direct line input jack

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