TRADE BEADS - "African Amber" - BIG and BEAUTIFUL

When I first started collecting these "African Amber" beads in the early 1970s they were called "Copal Amber'. I was fascinated by them. Twenty years later I found out they are not amber at all but made from an early plastic product called Phenolic Resin. These were made in Germany in the 1920s-1940s and traded throughout Africa as Amber. Many African bead dealers are CERTAIN they are amber but they are not. Nonetheless, these wonderful old amber looking beads are highly collectable and getting harder and harder to find.

This large old bead has some fabulous colors and markings. 40mm x 26mm.

Hello friends, my name is Carl Dreibelbis and I have been collecting antique beads, ethnic jewelry, tribal jewelry and African art for almost 40 years. Items for sale here are from my private collection.

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