Traditional Irish Grey Tweed Flat Cap Hat New Ireland

These caps are all equally suitable for men and women.

A Hanna Hat is a symbol of classic style and the timeless appeal of pure Irish tweed. Hand-crafted in Ireland in beautiful Co. Donegal from tweed woven exclusively for Hanna Hats in Ireland, the renowned quality and handsome styling of each hat is rooted in a family tradition of tailoring. Hanna Hats of Donegal, a family-owned establishment of distinguished bespoke tailors (and sportsmen), has been handcrafting traditional Irish headwear for three generations. Pure, new 100% wool is woven in a time-honored method resulting in a hardy fabric that is durable, weather-resistant, and loaded with character. You won't find a more solidly made tweed cap at any price. Viscose taffeta lining with unique fused inner lining is windproof, breathable, and provides added resistance to rain penetration. John Hanna found this lining to be superior for a wet day's salmon fishing on Coastal Ireland.

Made from 100% wool, in the soft and muted shades of the rich Irish landscape, each Hanna Hat is a unique piece of headwear which will become a treasured possession for life.

As each of these caps is hand made in Ireland, you will not find any two exactly the same

See how they are made : /watch?v=4pTc6oWVtaM

Size: Any size available ,(you will be emailed
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