Turn your full size traffic light into a real functioning unit . The time cycle for each light (red, yellow, and green) can be set individually to create the timing cycle operation you wish from shortest time of 1/8 second to the longest time of 4 minutes in four switchable time ranges. Time settings are variable in each time range. Power outage will not change time settings. Light sequences of Green, Amber, Red, Green. Green, Amber, Red, Red+Amber, Green, and toggle (wig-wag) train crossing flashing are all selectable in this unit. Micro processor controlled with each light relay switched, allowing for a wide range of lamp wattage that can be used. Units are brand new, never used and fully tested, ready to install and wire. Units operate on 120 VAC. Max. lamp wattage recommend 150 watts per lamp. 240 VAC controllers in stock . Unit size 2 3/4" x 4 3/4". Shipped complete with mounting hardware, hookup wire. power cord, and complete setup and wiring instructions. One year warranty .
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