Traffic Light Signal Sequencer Controller 3-output G-Y-R (self adhesive)

Three Output Traffic Controller / Sequencer
Model# MICRO-3 (in Plastic PCB carrier with adhesive double sided tape on bottom)
(note: picture may vary slightly from actual unit)
If you have a 3-light traffic signal hanging in your game room, basement, garage, etc. and would like to make it operate like a REAL stop light, you are in the right place.
Measuring only 2-1/8" X 1-7/8" (Plastic Carrier Dimensions), this board fits easily into a standard traffic signal.
(***** NOT for use with Fluorescent / CFL lamps *****)
Sequence: Green - Yellow - Red - (repeat)
REV. D design with zero-crossing feature for LED lamp compatibility (reduces inrush current)
Comes with it's own polycarbonate circuit board carrier and adhesive tape on bottom eliminating shorting and damaging of the controller.
Fully Independent light-times:
Yellow duration is not tied to red/green duration
Red and Green timing does not have to be the same
Extended cycle timing range from 1/2 second to over 20 MINUTES per light
Ultra Compact Size (Approx. 2" X 2")
Screw-Terminal connections, eliminating the need for soldering
100 Watts per output channel
Simple TIME-SETTING procedure
Wiring Diagram is Included (download PDF )
User-replaceable fuse (Type GMA 2 - 2.5A)
All solid-state
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