Traffic signal, Signal Light, Red Light, stop light, Traffic Light, FREE SHIPING

I have 1 traffic signals, all lights work. It does not have the visors which most people take them off. All in excellent condition. Otherwise, shipping is free up to $25.00. I have never shipped any so I don't know what the cost is but you will pay all costs over $25. I think that will cover the shipping but no promises.
I saw one of these done with 3 toggle switches and hung in a window of a business. Green was turned on when they were open and red when they were closed. It was pretty cool. These are not too heavy so they are easy to hang and they have the hangar on top as you can see in the pics. They are 120 volt so you can use a lamp cord to wire them. The fronts have wing nuts so you can open them up to access the bulb and wiring bracket. Pretty simple to wire.
These also look great if you spray paint it with your favorite college team colors and add decals. Great for kids room, family or pool room, garage, man cave, etc. Can be hung in the weather without a problem. These came from a town in SC. Places are putting in later model lights and upgrading and someday you will not be able to find these.
I may not be available to answer questions so I have tried to cover everything here. Check my Ebay rating. It is 100% and I have been on Ebay almost since it began. Shipping is included in the price except as noted above
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