Trail of Painted Ponies- 2008 ANNIVERSARY EDITION book

The Trail of Painted Ponies.....From Fine Art to Collectibles ~ Anniversary Edition

***This is the BEST collector's book to date.*** **DEFINITE MUST-HAVE** AMAZING photos***

NEW , completely different, gorgeously illustrated, 132-page SOFTCOVER book full of valuable information available now else. ESSENTIAL for established and new Painted Pony enthusiasts alike.

If you love the Painted Ponies , if you have enjoyed the previous collector's books, you wonâe(tm)t want to miss this one. This is the book EVERYONE has been asking for. It contains:

The first, comprehensive Collectors Guide, loaded with pictures and information about EVERY Painted Pony figurine.
A groundbreaking essay that connects Painted Ponies to the artwork created by Americaâe(tm)s first horsepainters: the Plains Indians.
The inside, true, and surprising story about how The Trail of Painted Ponies went from an orphan idea no one wanted to adopt, to one of the most popular collectibles in America.
And thatâe(tm)s just the startâe¦.