The Trail of Painted Ponies, "Apple-oosa".

Brand New , Original Box, Foam & String Tag!!!

Ceramic, measures 6" tall.
Artist: Penny Thomas Simpson
Writes the artist, "This Pony has a patriotic theme without the usual red, white and blue, stars-and-stripes motif. What is more American than the apple? Hot dogs, baseball and APPLE pie... I rest my case." Working primarily in watercolors and colored pencils, Penny has won a variety of national awards for her still-life paintings - thus the exquisite realism of the apples adorning her Pony's flanks.

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A Little Pony History

The Trail of Painted Ponies is a public art project that invites the best artists of our time to let their imagination run wild. In the history of art, the horse has been an enduring source of inspiration. With the New Mexico- based public art project, The Trail of Painted Ponies, a new chapter has been added to this tradition. With endless variation and invention, premiere Native American and Southwest artists imaginatively transformed horses into magnificent works of art, as powerful as they are original. The glorious variety of the artwork honors the spirit of human creativity, and the beauty and magic of the horse. Experience the beauty and wonder of The
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