#12248 This is part of a brand new collection from Westland Giftware called TRAIL OF THE PAINTED PONIES. These are similar to the famous COW PARADE and are really beautiful. This one is made of ceramic and is hand numbered on the bottom. IT IS NEW AND MINT IN THE BOX. These gorgeous horses stand about 6 1/2" tall and are on a base which is approximately 6" long. Native American and Southwest artists have created these magnificent works of art. Janee Hughes is the artist who created STARDUST.

âeoeFrom stardust we have come, and to stardust we shall return,âe writes Janee Hughes, an artist and writer from the Pacific Northwest as gifted with a pen as with a brush. âeoeBetween times, many have gazed in wonder at the night sky and thought theyâe(tm)ve seen figures in the arrangement of stars and galaxies. In centuries past, fertile imaginations have even gone so far as to conjure gods and heroes and tell their stories in terms of myths. Many involve the horse, our respected companion on earth, our friend in the heavensâe¦.âe Janee Hughes is a former art teacher and award-winning painter who also writes and illustrates children's books and stories. She spent four years painting hand-carved wooden horses for Salem, Oregon's Riverfront Carousel. She has owned horses for many years and understands how they act and

Money orders. checks and Paypal accepted. Shipping and handling is $9.50 - this includes insurance. Shipping for additional ponies is $2.00 each. Combined shipping charges with a combined payment.

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