Trail of Painted Ponies: Tropical Reef Horse 1E/2535

Tropical Reef Horse

Retired!! RARE!!

1st Edition 1E/2535

Made of solid resin. Measures 6" high.
We have a The Trail of the Painted Ponies "Tropical Reef Horse" for sale. This pony is now RETIRED. T his pony is a beautiful work of art with fish printed all around it. The bright colors make this pony look amazing. This pony is full of detail and you see something new everytime you look at it.

This pony is the 1st edition of this series. It has been inspected and is in excellent condition. It comes with its original The Trail of the Painted Ponies tag in its original box and styrofoam. Since this pony is retired it's hard to find them with such a low number. Retired ponies are a good investment since their value continues to increase as time goes by. Note: This pony's box may have a few minor scratches but that's how we recieved it from the company. We include shipping insurance in our shipping price. If you recieve this and are not satisfied you may return it for a full refund.

Artist: Laurie Holman

Seahorses come in an amazing variety of sizes and shapes, and have the ability to instantly change color, camouflaging themselves as seaweed or coral. By brilliantly covering her Pony with tropical fish, rendered realistically, overlapping and swimming in all directions, Laurie, a
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