Trail of Painted Ponies Wie Tou 1E 4472

Painted Pony item #12252 Title: Wie-Tou Material: Resin Height: 6.75 Experience the beauty and wonder of The Trail of Painted Ponies! The Trail of Painted Ponies began as a public art project that invited the best artists in the country to creatively transform large horse sculptures into original artworks. The astonishing results have been hailed as the arrival of an exciting new American art movement called "Pony Expressionism." We hope you enjoy this high-quality reproduction that captures the power, beauty and magic of the original Painted Ponies Growing up on a Colorado horse ranch across the valley from her Cherokee grandfather, this artist was immersed at an early age in both Indian art and culture and the riding life. Painting horses and Indian symbols on leather helped pay for her college tuition. It also inspired her to create a Pony whose power lies in the graphically creative arrangement of assorted spiritual symbols. "I wanted to include the Spirits that guide and protect us, and every one I've painted has 'good medicine.'" A resident of Ocala, Florida, Barbara Janowitz is as well-known for her dramatic patriotic paintings - for which she has received a number of commissions - as her Western art paintings. She has painted "commercially" and "just for fun" all her life. All of my ponies are NEW IN THE BOX Each has been ... read more