Trail Painted Ponies High Desert Horse Feathers Signed

The Trail Of Painted Ponies

The Trail Of Painted Ponies High Desert Horse Feathers

#11254 Approx 6" high and is made of Resin ..

The following is a Description of the origin of the Trail of the Painted Ponies and Kathy Morrows Work: violence. High D

The Trail of Painted Ponies was a powerful merge of businesses charities and artists for the benefit of the New Mexico community. In the first year of the projects conception, 120 life size horse sculptuerers were cast in a polyurethane resin. All artists began with the same sculpture as a blank canvas on which to create their art. Artists were allowed to alter the horses and many did. Kathy Morrow made High Desert Horse Feathers and Give Me Wings . Kathy Morrow sculpted and attached 7 eagle feathers to the mane and tail of Horse Feathers. Each artist was sponsored by a business and profit from the auction of the horses benefitted New Mexico charities. The life size Horse Feathers is now on public display in the lobby of High Desert State Bank in Albuquerque , NM . The life size Give Me Wings is at 1st New Mexico Bank of Las Cruces in Las Cruces NM . Old Town Emporium sponsored Horse Feathers to benefit The Women's Community Association, an organization that offers safe haven for women and children who have experienced domestic violence. High Desert State

Give Me Wings and High Desert Horse Feathers have been duplicated in a 6" size by Westland Giftware. Give Me Wings had a run of over a year and has been retired after 3 editions of 10,000 each. High Desert Horse Feathers has not been out to the public yet in giftshops. The initial 1st edition run of no more than 10,000 is being offered for the first year from High Desert State Bank in Albuquerque and can be obtained by opening a bank account. The horse from the bank is unsigned.

Kathy Morrow has signed and dated 2006 on the base of the horse. She also has written with a gold pen on the box " High Desert Horse Feathers 1E 4979 " and signed it and dated it 2006.She also signed the hang tag Morrow 2006 and wrote High Desert Horse Feathers on it. This is 1E/4979 item no 11254 on the bottom of the base.It is in new condition and was taken out of the box for Kathy's signing and to take a picture. Most Westland boxes have some scratches and minor denting/crushing. The horse itself is in new condition.

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