Train Locomotive Railroad PVC Air Horn Builders Booklet

Once again, the continued demand for my Train Horn Building Booklets has prompted me to have more copies printed. This sale is for the Horn Building Booklet ONLY in pics #2,#3,and #4. With your booklet purchase you will also recieve video building guide information with tips and ideas to help aid with your build. You will be building your horns with PVC pipe, PVC reducers, and plastic funnels. You should be able to find all the parts needed to build a set of these horns at any large hardware building and plumbing supply store. The funnels can be found at many auto parts stores. You can connect as many horns together and tune them to sound like any set of train horns that you desire. The construction booklet comes with 16 pages of instructions complete with 40 color photos of the building process and completed horn pics. You can build a 3 bell set of these horns in a day or less. This is a fun building project that really sounds great when your done. I have tested the decible output of my PVC M5 horns and found that they produce about 124db with the alternate diaphragms installed. I own a few sets of real train horns and I find that my PVC train horns come somewhat close in sound level when using the alternate diaphragms and the larger power chambers. They are loads of fun at sporting events when you set them up to blow with just ... read more