TRAINS Magazine BOUND Vol 7 1946-1947 Nov-Oct

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Hardcover, bound volume. All 12 issues plus index Contents of each month listed below.

Trains November 1946
Locomotive utilization
Keeping them rolling
Boat train on the D&RGW
Alco's 75,000th locomotive
Down-east terminal
The last of the wood burners Trains December 1946
Over the Tehachapi
How to mash a railway
Dutch railways during the war
Steam & champagne
Jersey's own railroad
Hannibal's railroads
Electro-Motive's F3
Turnpike railroad Trains January 1947
Route of the freight 400s
Heart of the Lehigh Valley
Branch line with a future
Illinois short line
ACF's first postwar train
To New Orleans via L&N
Railroad interest in the New Orleans area
Coast-to-coast sleeper, 1885
Progress on the old mullet road
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway Trains February 1947
Paoli local
Sumpter's last stand
Battle of the snowflakes
Sunset of an empire
Heart of the Burlington Trains March 1947
Southern Pacific narrow

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