NEW Transformers Armada Optimus Prime COMPLETE COMBINER SET Jetfire Overload Lot


This is an ALL THE WORK DONE FOR YOU lot of Armada Optimus Prime and his two combiners, Jetfire and Overload, all factory sealed. I also have the Powerlinx repaint of Optimus Prime, and the blue repaint of Overload (Energon Ultra Magnus) available - ask if you are interested and I could set you up with a great deal!

These toys are AWESOME. Optimus transforms from tractor trailer to robot, to the super robot seen in the package by combining his cab with his trailer. The trailer forms the super robot legs, and, with batters installed, it will (via infrared signal) detect and transform BY ITSELF into the legs when the cab is transformed into the upper torso - VERY COOL!!! Jetfire transforms from space shuttle to robot, and can also transform into a pair of legs and chest plate, replacing the trailer legs of the Optimus Super Mode upper torso to form the powered-up flight mode Jet Optimus. Lastly, Overload transforms from robot to space shuttle carrier, and can also turn into a pair of massive back cannons for Optimus Super Mode OR Jet Optimus, so you can combine ALL THREE transformers together to make one HUGE Transformer! "ULTRA MAGNUS!" It's like 16-17 inches.

Some minimal wear to packaging, see photos. Please ask if you would like more information or photos of packaging
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