TRANSFORMERS BEAST WARS Cheetor Figure 100% complete Transmetals 2 CHEETOR

Hello Everyone! And welcome to yet another listing from ThaPharaoh @ The Sphinx!
CHEETOR As a Character: Cheetor is one of the only Bots, maybe beside Rhino and Optimus, that is chill and easy to get along with. Very optimistic, eager to please Big Bot and make friends with all the rest. Sometimes his eagerness gets the best of him, as in the first season of BW when he would take it on himself to go do a mission on his own with no help, usually getting himself and others into a bind because of it, but Cheetor will always be true to you and provide help when needed. Hes one of the only bots to use a lot of cool slang, other than the word SLAG, and would be one to identify yourself with as a teenager when you were trying to be cool and fit in. Transmetal Cheetor is him in his "early twenty's" as his look and even the way he acted changed. A groovy character and a die hard Maximal!
For sale is one TRANSFORMERS BEAST WARS TRANSMETAL2 Cheetor action figure 100% complete. Item is in good condition used for display but may have minor handling ware (lite scuffs or maybe minor paint loss). Comes complete w/instructions and bio card. These figures have gotten to be rare and sought after lately so grab this set today as it would be an awesome addition to any killer BW collectio
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