Transformers Beast Wars Rattrap Figure 100% complete Rat Trap

Hello Everyone! And welcome to yet another listing from ThaPharaoh at The Sphinx!
Rattrap as a Character: There is always some one out the bunch the defies orders and is sarcastically inclined. One who is looked at negatively when thought about. Rattrap is one of those bots. Cocky, arrogant, pessimistic,defensive, comical at times but all that set aside yet willing to risk his but almost every time to get the Maximals out of jam. Rattrap may be annoying but he is much needed among the Maximals and is a die hard character. There is no Maximal with out the Rat! "...Were all gunna die!"....Rattrap
Ok here it is! For sale is one TRANSFORMERS BEAST WARS Rattrap action figure 100% complete. Item is used, is in good condition but may have signs of minor handling ware (lite scuffs or maybe minor paint loss). Comes complete with both parts of the gun. . This is a must have for any TF fan, so grab it now!
Please review the photo because what you see is what you get.
Will be handled by our team of 5, packed well with protective packaging and shipped within one day or same day if paid before noon EST time or by saturday 9 am EST.
Seller has the right to cancel any order or bid at any time at their discretion.
Payment is due by the 4th day and new ebayers with below 5% must submit immediate payment.
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