Hello Everyone! And welcome to yet another listing from ThaPharaoh @ The Sphinx!
RHINOX as a Character: Being the biggest Maximal on the team (aside from dinobot in first series) he is the most laid back of all the Maximals regardless of his size. He always stays very calm during most ordeals and fights and only got angered a few times through out the series from what I saw. Rhinox is one to be in the lab doing research most of the time, so hes about the only scientist that the Maximals have on their team. Predacons had about 3 scientists, Scorponok, tarantulas and Blackarachnia (although Waspinator knew his way around the computer also). Rhinox definitely has a bad side as we saw in the episode where he was reprogrammed by Megatron to be a Predacon. Not a good idea. These topics were expanded on in the Beast Machines series. Rhinox is a Bot that the Maximals cant afford to be with out, from size, artillary from his two huge guns, and his intelligence. Rhinox is the foundation to the Maximals Team.
Ok here it is! For sale is one TRANSFORMERS BEAST WARS TRANSMETAL Rhinox action figure MOSC New. Item is still new unopened and is in ok condition aside from some ware to card and bubble. Card has a small tac hole in each corner which you need to be up close to see. Also has some sticky pad residue on the back corners and an
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