Transformers Custom DOTM Nemesis Prime

This is my version of Transformers DOTM Voyager Class DARK ENERGON Nemesis Prime made out of DOTM Megatron and a optimus head. This is the Bringer of Death Halloween version of Nemesis based on a mix of RID series and the nemesis prime series. The figure looks amazing in display overcharged with dark lol. I added custom back heels to the feet so it can have a different look and more height as well did the hip and leg modification for more increase in height and wider stance also modified the cab part so the head would fit in alt mode, fitting is tight so be very careful when transforming. I also have added as a bonus a sword that lights up a red led by pressing the center button, the sword batteries can be replaced so it will never stop functioning. I have added a super heavy dark energon cannon. The Figure was painted and drybrushed using Krylon spray paints and Testors enamels and acrylics. Comes with everything you see in the pictures plus instructions. This figure was meant to bee display in robot mode it does transform in to truck mode but I always displays my figures in robot mode and it will be sent like that to avoid paint wear or scratching. , there is no pictures in alt mode but basically is still the same, transformation is still the same as the original. Highly collectible needs to be
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