Transformers Cybertron Supreme Class Starscream Action Figure IN UNOPENED BOX

You are bidding on a 2005 Starscream from the Transformers: Cybertron toyline.
Toy brand new in a sealed, NEVER OPENED box. Toy comes complete with all accessories. The box has some dings and signs of age. See photos for details. Adult owned.
Collector's Details:
(From /wiki/Starscream_(Armada) )
Starscream (Supreme, 2005) Accessories: Missile, "Crown of Leadership", Decepticon Cybertron Cyber Key, Gold Earth Cyber Planet Key Supreme Starscream is a colossally-upscaled version of the Voyager-class Starscream toy, with quite a few changes. The most notable is the change in his Cyber Planet Key gimmick : each arm has a separate Key jack in it rather than the Voyager's single joint-jack. While the right arm still deploys a blade, the left arm now reveals a spring-loaded missile-firing "null laser cannon" with expanding prongs. The original back-mounted Key jack is still present, though it does not activate any gimmicks and merely serves as a Key storage space (a rarity among Cybertron toys). A second storage-only jack is found on the underside of the same assembly. The two small guns on the sides of his cockpit can swivel up to firing position in robot mode, and he also has several electronic light and sound gimmicks, including one activated by moving his sword-arm. His eyes are, for some strange reason,
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