Transformers G1 Seacons EX Reissue NEW ships from US


Up for auction is Transformers G1 Reissue EX Seacons.

The Seacons are available in their traditional G1 colorsfor the first time in over 20 years since their initial release in 1988!
This amazing exclusive comes packaged in an awesome collector gift-box, includes collector cards, includes all 6 figures needed to form Piranacon, 5 black display stands for the 5 smaller figures, and individual weapons for each figure. This is the first time Piranacon has ever been reissued with the G1 color scheme.
The Seacons are a team of Decepticons named for their sea-animal alternate modes. The team is able to merge their bodies and minds to form the gigantic Piranacon. The team members are:
* Snaptrap is the team leader. He rules the other Seacons through fear of force rather than any sort of inspirational leadership qualities. He is, however, very good at what he does - brutally and efficiently taking apart Autobots.
* Nautilator is an underwater specialist, when formed as Piranacon he forms Piranacon's weapon.
* Overbite is interested in only one thing - hunting prey, be it Autobot or luckless human ships that happen to get in his way. He possesses extra limbs to help function on land.
* Seawing is the team's stealth specialist, gliding silently through
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