ABOUT MYSELF : I am just a small seller of Transformers figures. I use the extra money I can get on here to continue my education, to make a better life for me and my family so I am VERY grateful anytime someone buys one of my items! Due to my schooling, I only ship 2 days a week, but all items are shipped with tracking on them and I charge very little for shipping! I am also a US based shipper, NOT one in China, so you don't have to wait a month to get your merchandise or worry about your items getting randomly lost in the mail, getting to you damaged, or covered in mold, etc.

This auction is for a Transformers G1 reissue/remake figure named Shockwave (this item is NOT vintage). It comes mint in a sealed box, taped on both sides and includes all instructions, stickers, accessories, etc. This item looks just like the original, and is very high quality, but won't cost you over a $1000 to purchase like an original set would (that's money that you could then put to MUCH better use, rather than spending it on the exact same tiny plastic toys in the same packaging). The package is in brand new shape, and the pics above are of exactly what the item looks like, so please feel free to examine them first before bidding!
I also have all of the following figures up for sale : devastator, defensor, superion, menasor, computron,
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