Transformers G1 Universe Classics Optimus Prime

Transformers Generation One Classics - Optimus Prime Thanks for checking out my auction! The Autobot leader, Optimus Prime!
This figure is from the 2006 Classics line - a whole collection of classics 1980s Generation 1 characters brought back to life with all new toys and designs. Optimus Prime comes loose, but is complete. This figure was used primarily for display in an adult owned collection. This figure has a bit of wear on some of the yellow paint, but otherwise is very good shape, and still very displayable! I accept PayPal and ship Priority Mail USPS. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Happy bidding and good luck! Please be sure to check out my other auctions for more Transformers figures! Items range from G1, to Beast Wars, Unicron Trilogy, Universe, Japanese, Botcon, and much more!