First off, I know absolutely nothing about comics, I don't know what they are worth, which is why I am starting the bidding low and not putting them on Craigslist.
My wife bought these for me as a set almost 20 years ago for around $100-$150 (CDN). All comics are in plastic and boarded and have been sitting in a box in my closet since I got them, in a smoke free home. I will describe them as best and fairly as I can. I am happy to email pictures of particular issues to you privately, but I am not taking 75 pics. The condition appears to break down into 4 categories. I took pictures of the first 4 issues and then a couple more issues in each of the categories below so you could have an idea how my written description matches the picture.
1-4 are pretty beat up, as you can see in the pictures. These are the only issues of the lot that also have some writing on the cover which you will spot on the pictures, where the price is.
5-10 are similarly beat up, no pen, but the photos show they have some very noticeable wear
11-40 are a lot better. They have some wear on the sides as you can see in the photos, like they have been read a bit. Noticeably better than the first 10. See pictures to assess.
From 40-80, they are near mint. I would say near mint-mint.
*4 extra issues as a throw in
Free Shipping
Any questions,
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