"MATSUSHIRO" JETFIRE AKA MACROSS SUPER SUPER RARE VERSION c-8 HERE IS THE MUST KNOW HISTORY.... What's the real story? Takatoku (CREATOR OF WHIRL AND ROADBUSTER) is the original creator of the 1/55 Valkyrie toys, but after they went bankrupt Matsushiro, who was apparently the company that did the physical production of the toys or at least their molds, took charge of the toys and sold them in US market. After wards they struck a deal with Hasbro in the US to make Jetfire before the Harmony Gold/Robotech deal went down. Because they didn't (or couldn't) get the rights for the Valkyrie design for the TV, they redesigned it into Skyfire, not the other way around. Matsushiro was either absorbed by Bandai or gave up the rights to Bandai, and soon Bandai took over production of Jetfire, making small changes as they went. (SMOOTH ANTENNA, 1 STICKER SHEET, NO EMBLEM ON THE LEFT WING, AND NO BLACK STRIP ON THE COCKPIT). HOWEVER THE MACROSS ARTWORK NEVER CHANGED ON THE BOX.
Here's what I think happened based on the limited information available. Takatoku folded. Matsushiro, a company hurting due to the economy like most were at the time, saw this collapse and saw a chance to capitalize on someone elses failure. Perhaps they even learned from Takara, who had managed to save themselves by sending their toys overseas (first
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