Transformers Megatron g1 original Hasbro 1984

Transformers Megatron G1 Original Hasbro 1984

99% complete.

Almost all weapons and accessories are included. Missing little shiny silver attachment piece.

Instruction manual, and half of used decal card is included.

Box is in fair condition, but has a hole cut in back. Has original price tag sticker on it. Styrofoam is in good condition.

Toy is in good condition. Slight sticker-wear. Faded Decepticon logo stickers. Joints are actually decently tight. I was pleasantly surprised by that.

I've had this toy in my collection since I was a kid in the '80s. I took good care of my Transformers. >>>



Thursday, July 10 @ 8:35pm PST/ 11:35pm EST -- AERIALBOTS


Saturday, July 12 @ 3:20pm PST/ 6:20pm EST -- JETFIRE

Saturday, July 12 @ 3:35pm PST/ 6:35pm EST -- STARSCREAM

Saturday, July 12 @ 3:55pm PST/ 6:55pm EST -- SOUNDWAVE


Sunday, July 13 @ 3:00pm PST/ 6:00pm EST -- OPTIMUS PRIME

Sunday, July 13 @ 3:15pm PST/ 6:15pm EST -- MEGATRON

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