Transformers Universe RID Overbite Only Hellscream Repaint

Transformers Universe RID Overbite
You are bidding for only the Transformers Universe Ovebite. The package originally came with Repugnus with Overbite. My friend only wanted the Repugnus figure. Repugnus was taken out of the package but Overbite is tied down to the inside of the packge. The two accessories to Overbite are still tied down to the box. I took a picture of the back of the inside box, which the showing the ropes are still attached to the package. I put an arrow on the bottom right corner where the scotch tape is still taped over the two plastic ropes. I would said that is still factory sealed. On the picture the top right corner I put an arrow showing 4 holes. Each rubber band are holding the two missiles to the package. The scotch tape that is holding the sealed bag with insert and instructions is untouched and even the scotch tape sealing the bag is untouched. My friend never touched the back of the holding box. You will noticed that on the picture he took out Repugnus by cutting the ropes on the front of the packaging only. If you like I can mail the Overbite, two accessories and instruction bag only. This way you can give money on shipping. Let me know if you want that. Besure to checkout my other Transformers auctions right now. The figure is in mint condition.
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