Beautiful Translucent Samantha Point Arrowhead North Dakota 1.5 in.

Hi, I will start by letting you know what I know about the collection I am going to be listing, This is a large collection of points all were in frames that were screwed shut and have been in storage since 1941. Most were framed in 1938 as all frames were dated. They were purchased at an estate sale in AZ from an elderly man who said they belonged to his father and have been in storage since the 1940s. These were glued in the frames and may have a little residue, I will leave the cleaning to the new owner its very old glue and dry, it mostly just flakes off. I am not an expert on these items and know only through ebay research. I am listing a few to see what happens all are very nice. Any comments are welcome, check my feedback. All come with a 2 week absolute money back guarantee that they are authentic ancient as described. Included is a photo of 2 of the frames so you get an idea of whats coming. There are 9 frames. thx for your time. Bill
This is a very nice Samantha Point it measures 1.5 inches long. Condition is excellent as shown , high grade. Super thin very translucent material. This is a nice birdpoint arrowhead. Gaurateed authentic. Take a look any questions any comments let me know. Free shipping