Traxxas 1/16 Mini E-REVO Red RPM Front Suspension Arm

Traxxas 1/16th Scale Mini E-REVO Red Front Upper & Lower Suspension Arms by RPM *NEW* RPM80699

This is an RPM RC Products RPM80699 Red Front suspension Arm Set for the Traxxas 1/16th Scale Mini E-REVO radio controlled truck.

Upon the release of the 1/16th Scale Traxxas Mini E-Revo, RPM immediately started receiving requests for durability upgrades. What better place to start than the front A-arms? With our guaranteed unbreakable material and a proven A-arm design based off of our larger, 1/10th scale Revo A-arms, durability for these little monsters has arrived!

A significant problem RPM eliminated was slop in the suspension system. In some cases, RPM found as much as 1/32� of slop in the stock A-arms! That has been remedied with these new RPM versions. RPM A-arms eliminate nearly all of the A-arm slop, which allows camber, caster and toe angle settings to be more solidly fixed in position. The result: A smoother, more consistent steering and suspension system with a significantly reduced tendency for the truck to randomly wander while driving.

Unique to RPM suspension arms is RPMs angled leading and trailing edges. They incorporate a 30-degree bevel in these areas, which reduces the chance of breaking suspension parts since the A-arm will naturally try to transition over objects instead of bluntly
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