Traxxas 2.5 R Full Race Modified Faster Then 3.3

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This will be a No Reserve Auction for Mint Condition Traxxas 2.5R Full Race Modified Nitro Engine. Want an engine faster then a 3.3?? You just found it! I built one like this for a guy in Texas, he had it in his 4Tec, and on a Police Radar went 90+ mph!……. This engine still has so much Torque it's a little hard to drive like a 3.3, but just wait until you get it in the upper RPMs this is w it will walk away from a 3.3.........

This was my personal engine in my Jato, it’s still like new, and should still be broken in some, I only ran it four or five times, and never leaned it out or even ran it at full throttle. The Killer Upgrade is the crankshaft, the center hole has been bored to over 8mm! Then the shaping and porting are just like a RB Rody, this crank is like having a Turbocharger! Next the cylinder has been ported for more flow from the TZ18, 11K Carb, which is another BIG HP Improvement. This engine starts easy, Idles Great, and RIPS!!!!!! Has
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